Aegean Leisure invests in strategic leisure developments around the globe.  We engage at any point in the development lifecycle, from land acquisition, through construction, marketing, infrastructure development, service provision and operation to eventual resale.

In rising markets, our investments are primarily in holiday homes and hotels, but we also support the development of service infrastructures and amenities where they add value to our primary investment.  In a downturn, we seek opportunities to acquire real estate and leisure operations that will produce high returns in the medium to longer term.

All projects are established as discrete entities and are financed by private investors who have been invited to become Investment Partners.  Investment Partners choose which projects to participate in.  Opportunities include both general funds that spread their interests across many developments and project-specific investments.  Investment Partners may also put forward their own proposals and are often engaged to conduct due diligence and oversee projects.

Development Partners are either retained by us to execute a project or may submit their own proposals for our consideration.

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There are many organisations which are based on collaborative investment; there are certain factors which we believe make us unique:

  • Risk Management is our guiding principle; we always seek to ensure that each investment project is fully secured by real assets and we use a progressive funding model to maintain our security during development.
  • We maintain a low profile.  We do not advertise potential projects (except to our partners) and we always preserve our partners’ privacy.  Full details, both financial and operational, are readily available to investors in a project but are otherwise private, except where statutory requirements apply.
  • We work closely with our Development Partners to ensure that each project remains viable for all parties during its life.  We understand that projects, particularly those of longer duration, may be affected by unforeseen external factors and sometimes must be revised.  A constructive and responsive approach helps avoid crises and ultimately ensures that the interests of all partners are preserved.
  • We are not simply a portal for investors – we invest in each project ourselves.  By collaborating with many individual investors, we significantly increase the funds that are available and can react quickly to most opportunities.
  • Our partners never place their investment funds with us; they are always held by lawyers who have a duty to uphold the rights of the investor and to act on their instructions only.

Both Investment and Development Partners normally join us as a result of an invitation which details the requirements and describes how we operate.  If you have not received such an invitation but would like further information, please send us an eMail by clicking on the link above.


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